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Initiated! IDGAF!!! Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

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ramble time

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Samhain reflections

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So I'm just sitting here having a few quiet moments with my alter.

The lights are dim, the incense is going and I've got a candle lit.

I'm really focusing on what this time of year brings about in me - that is to say a lot of reflection...

I look at this part of the year coming up to Samhain as the start of the new year it's where I mark my year of study /end of practice.

I was initiated  so to speak at Samhain in 2005 ( or was it 2006) and each time this year comes around I feel really energized magically, I feel "really into it" in a different way than in the summer I feel very very connected to my spirituality in the summer but this is it's a different flavour of connectivity... I like it.
Even though, I I look at this time of year as it's coming up close on the time when my mother passed away and that can be a rough period of the year... I still love it.


IDGAF - finished book 3!

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I've finished the 3rd book in my dedicant period for the IDGAF tradition !
A quick video covering my thoughts about the book (Essential Asatru by Diana Paxson)

Oh, and I noticed after I finished filming that I had an audience...

Desktop mini-altar / sacred space

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A small sacred space I keep on my computer desk at home.

We’ve got a large chunk of hematite I picked up for pretty cheap in Mahone Bay, a ceramic cow skull hand painted by me at the clay cafe, a tiny dragon guarding over everything… few stones that felt right, and a film container with ashes from a ritual we performed back in the summer.

The worst

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I just want to apologize and say I am truly THE worst slacker as of late and have totally neglected the blog.

I have still been pulling my tarot cards and participating in a lot of idgaf & other stuff - just not updating the blog.


I was going to put up a review video of it... but i have been dealing with a lot of personal and health related issues for the last few weeks (which I am not going to get into here).

And I have started on my 2nd book - "A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk"
Super excited to read this one, I am clicking instantly with it a lot more than many books I've read in the past while.
 I know I know, I really need to pick up the pace on my reading to get these 6 books under my belt in time.

So, yeah.

Go me... also, BAD me.



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So happy Beltane!
We did a wonderful little ritual that tiny Valkyrie put on out at my father's place in Cole Harbour

And the main focus of the ritual was to light a fire symbolic of the  Hearth fire and we transferred the fire / energy / spirit of that fire to the candles in these lanterns we brought with us.

The energy of the Hearth will be carried forward through the next year. At the end of the ritual we extinguished the ritual fire which was what you traditionally would do with your Hearth fire at Beltane to signify the end of one year and the start of the new year and things to come

I've also set up my new alter to really focus my energy around Beltane, I already posted a picture of it but here it is again:

 ...and also a few pictures of the ritual that we did out there last night

yay fire!

Mmm, kyphi burning in the fire smelled so goooood.

our lanterns & Rhi's hearth candle lit with flame from the bonfire.

. It was a really nice ritual -I really really enjoyed it was an awesome first ritual, I know that it can be very nerve-racking I was personally nervous as hell to do my first ritual so we go Valkrie! it was awesome